About Us

Our Mission: To be the most trusted and convenient online destination for pet parents, everywhere.

We have everything you need for your pet at amazing prices, every day. Including cats bandanas, collars, accessories, clothing, harnesses, and more! 

Your Order really do make the difference and allow us to Donate 10% Of every order carry on our work to ensure a bright future for all the cats and kittens in our Area. Whether you choose to set up a monthly Purchases or a one time order, Ordering From MeowLives will help us Take care of the lives of cats - no matter how big or small. Your Order will help us provide food, shelter, care, veterinary treatment and enables us to find new homes for cats and kittens in need. Please Make your order today.


Please note that we're teaming With @Furrylives as our friend in business and we are whiling to do more donations in the near future and to help more street cats for a better life.